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PDF Notify

PDF notify


PDF Notify

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PDF Notify generates a clean table of answers in a pdf, which the participant had given, after the survey is submitted. The PDF will be send to certain recipients.



- use comma separated email addresses from backend

- custom email subject and body text

- dynamic email addresses by PDF-Notify tokens or free textfield



Special use case "PDF-Notify tokens":


The Plugin provides two fixed tokens [pdfnotifyRE] and [pdfnotifyDB]

- [pdfnotifyRE] could be a question, which returns a row ID as answer (single choice question).

- [pdfnotifyDB] should be a single choice question, witch holds email addresses as answers (one per line!, question always hidden, save from prying eyes)

- only numeric values (0-X) for answer-codes only numeric values (0-X)

To get a recipient address, you have to insert the token [pdfnotifyDB], into the "recipient field" of the plugin in backend.

LimeService License Key: 89,00 Euro, Download: 149,00 Euro



Roadmap/Feature Requests

- attach files from file upload question type